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Slovakian Pilot

Environmental data reuse

Slovakian Pilot will include the proposal, development and deployment of two conceptually different types of web applications in order to achieve reuse of environmental data and information in line with European Open Data Strategy:

1. Biodiversity MashUp Linked Open Data Extension: Extension of existing Biodiversity MashUp web 2. application based on possiblities of the CMS editor used on project website, with web 3.0 semantic linked open data dimension. Initial version of this MashUp application was result of effort to show possibility to link various biodiversity related information, where selected birds species were combined with their spatial distribution and descriptive information from various sources (national spatial data providers with information from Encyclopedia of Life). Main aim of the pilot is to made current application content available in RDF encoding allowing linking available content with another sources in a way to be read and queried by human readers as well as computers. Geographical and content scope can be extended with the coverage of the countries represented in the project consortium as well as relevant information resources (PESI (Pan-European Species Directories Infrastructure)).

2. Spatial Web Crawler: Web-based application allowing a query definition for a particular spatial and thematic domains related information resources available in the deep web retrieved from indexing processes in the context of most used search engines (eg.Google) and making this content available for SDI as well as linked data world.Nowadays a geospatial user within an SDI searches for geospatial information using discovery clients of geoportal application (i.e. INSPIRE Geoportal). If data producer wants to promote related resources and make them available in SDI, they need to create metadata according to predefined rules (i.e. INSPIRE metadata regulation) and publish them using CSW standard. This approach allows either for distributed searches or harvesting. Nevertheless there is still a lot of data producers, making their resources available without documenting and publishing through CSW interface. The pilot proposes a complex solution, which aims at design and implementation of a framework allowing to discover and provide an access to geospatial resources existing in the deep web which is not directly discoverable within existing SDIs (i.e. INSPIRE, GEOSS) as well as by surface web search engines (i.e. Google). In addition semantic extension based on Linked Data principles will be taken into the consideration as content collected by this pilot framework will be published using standard RDF format. This step should close the circle by interconnection across different levels of the geospatial web and at the same time should direct towards current open data principles.

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