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Portugal-Spain Pilot

Public sector
Agroforestry management

Portugal-Spain Pilot will focus on building a web based collaborative spatial data infrastructure prototype with the main goal of promoting sustainable agroforestry management. It will be built as a collaborative powerful tool for environment protection and economic development of rural areas, and as a key factor for water management and drinking water protection.

The prototype will use Open Data from environmental INSPIRE compliant databases, cartographic services and remote sensing data, related with the objective of promoting monitoring and exploring agroforestry resources, and data that enable users (forest managers along with forest owners, public or private, and policy makers) to better understand agroforestry related resources management and to build consensus aligned with local and regional economic growth.


Portugal-Spain Pilot

Portugal-Spain Pilot


The pilot will mainly be focused on meeting the needs and requirements of the public sector regarding forest management and land use planning normative requirements. In both countries, public bodies from these areas are involved in the pilot, have defined their requirements and will provide data and assess project results as final users.

Spanish and Portuguese public bodies count on environmental and geospatial information that can be very valuable for management purposes. This information has a huge potential, but it is usually not widely accessible and not sufficiently exploited, and needs to be reorganised accordingly.

The final goal of this pilot is to provide an easy access to this information and to develop decision making tools and services available and helpful for public and private agroforestry managers. Results and outcomes will be open, standardised and of public access including web services and information management applications. The technological approach will be based on Open Data (environmental monitoring data, cartographic services and remote sensing products) linked through INSPIRE compliant semantic services. This strategy based on Open Data is necessary in order to optimise the use of public information, improve management issues and involve stakeholders in decision making processes. The pilot will be leaded by TRAGSA, and carried out in cooperation with the Direcao Geral do Territorio.

The pilot will be located in a transboundary region which includes Ourense province in the NorthWest of Spain, and the region surrounding the Castelo the Bode Dam, in the Center of Portugal. It will develop a double approach: (i) regional, focused in the province of Ourense and the region of the Castelo the Bode dam (sustainable forest management), and (ii) local, focused in the village of Maceda in Ourense-Spain (sustainable exploitation of forest resources).

Public bodies involved in the project need to (i) Optimise the use of agroforestry lands; (ii) Diversify rural economy and improve quality of life in rural communities; (iii) Enhance management practices of agroforestry lands and products; (iv) Preserve biodiversity and environment; (v) Involve public and private stakeholders in forest management issues; (vi) Improve the efficiency of administrative processes; (vii) Improve watershed management by including landuse & agroforestry related topics.


On Behalf of the whole SmartOpenData project, the Portugal-Spain pilot was finalist at the Copernicus Masters 2015 edition. This Earth-monitoring competiton awards prizes to innovative solutions for business and society based on Earth obesrvation data.