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Czech Republic pilot

Enterprises & Public sector
Forest sustainability

Czech Republic pilot is focused on the forest site classification, sustainable management and utilisation of forest road network using the National Forest Inventory and the Regional Plans for Development datasets. Data products and statistical outcomes will be widely open, standardised and accessible by foresters and public bodies through web services and applications.

The Czech National forest Inventory (NFI) Geoportal will present valuable information derived from NFI database. Our data infrastructure can support SME decision-making process via provision of reliable, up-to-date information about forests and its wood as well as other types of resources. The geoportal will also enhance public awareness about the NFI2 project funded by Czech Government, as well as the awareness about the UHUL FMI institute itself.

Data and metadata will be aggregated and standardised according to commonly used standards and SmartOpenData recommendations, so they will be accessible on a shared project platform. The geoportal will be a gate to results of the NFI1 and NFI2 projects, which are derived by statistical sound methods using a huge, highquality database fusing field survey, photogrammetric interpretation and remote sensing data.

Data quantity, its quality and a thematically broad scope of the UHUL FMI activities is an asset for testing semantic search approaches among our data services and other environmental organisation sources across EU. UHUL FMI manages data covering the entire CZ territory, some of them are freely available, however free access to the rest is limited to an aggregated level. It might be useful to include also data with restricted access into semantic search tools and bring them closer to SMEs -at least on the aggregated level. HSRS will contribute to pilots with focus on discovery and geovisualisation of Open Spatial Data. HSRS will bring experience from implementation of many global, national, regional and local SDIs.

HSRS will cooperate with UHUL FMI, SAZP and IMCS. CCSS will participate on pilot activities related to environment protection, environmentally friendly tourism, environmental research and education. Here will mainly apply experiences from past projects NaturNet Redime, NaturNet plus and EhviroGrids BlackSee. CCSS will also support linkage of pilots with GEOSS and UNSDI activities.

Chech Republic Pilot