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SmartOpenData Summary

Thursday, January 28, 2016

In order to provide a clear and concise overview of the results of the project, the following links can be helpful to obtain a clear vision of SmartOpenData outcomes.

Regarding administrative aspects, the following documents could be useful:

SmartOpenData developed a wide Modeling framework. These components represent the Linked Data model composed from set of vocabularies based on the European Union's INSPIRE data specifications) and the datasets produced:

In regards to Software and Semantic Front-End Facilities, i.e. the software components providing common facilities for exploiting environmental data, they are available at:

  • Distributed Semantic Indexing infrastructure:
  1. Siren Intro video
  2. Siren Info
  3. Siren Demo
  • Visualisation Framework:
  1. SEFARAD Intro video
  2. SEFARAD Info  
  3. SEFARAD Demo
  • Administration and Notification Service:
  1. Intro video
  2. Info
  3. Demo
  • Data transformation,  publication and analytics tools and services:
  1. Grafitizer - deployed as part of DataGraft
  2. OpenDataNode
  3. Kibi - Data analytics tool

The Pilots (main overview) demonstrate the utilisation of the previous components and impact of the sharing and exploiting of data and information from many varied resources, in rural and European protected areas by providing public access to the data and they are:  

  • SP&PT Agroforestry management pilot:
  1. Video
  2. Link to pilot
  • IE Environmental research, Biodiversity pilot:
  1. General video
  2. SmartOpenData enabled European Tourism Indicator System (ETIS) Webservice & Apps. Link to pilot
  3. SmartOpenData enabled App to Ground-Truth potential Protected Monument sites for the Irish Heritage Council. Link to pilot
  • IT Water monitoring pilot:
  1. Link to pilot. For end users “sites”, “stations” and “observations” dashboards are of interest
  • CZ Forest sustainability pilot:
  1. Link to video
  2. Link to pilot and
  • SK Environmental data reuse:
  • Meta-search enhanced OGC services crawler:
  1. Link to video
  2. HTML List of OGC services
  3. Geocatalogue of metadata harvested from OGC services discovered on Google SE
  4. Publishing of INSPIRE metadata as RDF data via TripleGeoCSW API
  • Biodiversity MashUp:
  1. Link to video
  2. Slovakian Linked Open Data
  3. Human readable API
  4. Machine redable API
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