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Linked Open Data at GIS Ireland 2015

Thursday, October 15, 2015

During GIS Ireland 2015, 2nd October, our Partner John O'Flaherty, from MAC, explained the attached presentation about Geospatial Linked Open Data for the GeoTechnology of the Future.

The workshop addressed daily technological developments and changes, which could have significant ramifications with the Geographic Information (GI) and GeoTechnologies (GT) environments.

Big Data, Linked Data, Internet of Things, Open Data, 3D/4D, inside/outside building positionings, UAVs, cloud computing, Artificial Reality and Intelligence, Networks of Networks, Ontologies, 5G etc are just some of the more specific areas within which this tsunami of change is occurring, all of which can and will impact on the GI/GT environment in the emerging future.


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